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GUFO Shooting Days

Big success in Milan and Catania for the Shooting Days, the first of 4 events by GUFO Italy.  

The first two meetings with the Shooting Days – Catania April 8 and Milan April 9 – by GUFO Italy, achieved a social explosion of stories and selfies.
More than 50 people became protagonists for a day of the brand leader in wooden accessories.


April. That is the month in which the GUFO Italy events will take place, designed for Influencers, models, Fashion Bloggers or simply those who want to join and put themselves out for a day, counting on a professional staff and a photo set.
The photographer Brian Cartone, MUA Federica Pintabona, Hair Stylist Cristina Cucos are those who make the attendees the real protagonist in the GUFO Boutique in Milan.
In the heart of Catania, is Fabio Consolo, with his staff, the one who give birth to original shoot, in a photographic background but also in that suggestive places near the GUFO Boutique.
The GUFO Staff give all the accessories for the shooting – sunglasses, watches, papillons, bags – and they also take care of taking stories on Instagram and Facebook about the different moments of the days.
Between the attendees of the first day in Catania, Cristina Claudia Pintilei, Valeria Nicotra, Antonio Marcianò.
In Milan, attendees such as 
Laura Cudone, Alba Asuni, Gloria Tombolini, Asya Valente.  

The next events:

– Milan April 15, 22 e 30 from 10 am to 4 pm in Corso Magenta 31.
– Catania April 15, 22 e 29 from 10 am to 6 pm in Via Transito 41.

It is very easy to join! You just have to send an email to – obj. „RSVP: Shooting Day Milano“ or „RSVP: Shooting Day Catania“, specifying the name of the attendees, the date, between those indicated, and at what time you would like to shoot. 


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