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A propos de nous

Italian Fashion Design

GUFO is the Italian brand of clothing and accessories, famous for its wooden creations and the refinement of his style. The company deals with design in all its forms: the design and manufacture of innovative works ranging from clothing to furnishings. We always aim to create designs and styles that are distinguished in some way from the standard ways.

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Originaly, Quality, Innovation

Three are the elements that reflect our sunglasses: ORIGINAL for the material they are made of, wood, which is emerging as actual fashion trend; FASHION for their style and the chance to customize your sunglasses with a wide range of high quality mirrored multicolor lenses; INIMITABLE for a unique style that excels in some distinctive and eccentric models.



GUFO is an Italian creation designed by Giuseppe Marino, fashion manager, and Claudio Calvagna, designer and artist.
We have developed a fashionable and high quality product that also has zero impact on the environment.

We always work for creating designs and styles that stick out from the usual.
Customization is the base of our concept, this is the reason why we design custom-made products.
We give our customers the chance to unleash their creativity because they can modify our products as they wish following their instinct, thus combining two ideas, ours and theirs, realizing in this way an inimitable product.

Eccentric shapes and fashionable design combined with a
new material is what sets us apart. Lightness and strength,
bamboo is known for its strength and longevity. The glasses
are coated with a resin that makes them more resistant,
protecting them from wear and water.

  • New unique designs, fashionable that stand out from the crwod;
  •  Great attention to the details and the quality.

In a context in which the purchasing trends of sunglasses in
« other assets » is a sharp increase from 2010 (+9.8% in 2013),
the cost of raw materials was reduced significantly and
technological innovation streamlined production processes
making them less onerous. GUFO has set itself the objective to
be the perfect combination of quality and price.